Gerard Pique

Barcelona and Spain Colossus


Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has said that he will not be interested in becoming part of a team that has Real Madrid Pepe as a player.

Real Madrid defender Pepe was caught stamping deliberately on Lionel Messi during the recent 2-1 defeat they suffered at the hands of Barcelona in the Copa Del Rey.

Pepe has been subjected to a number of disciplinary procedures in the recent matches between Barcelona, which has made Barcelona defender Gerard Pique feel that it is not sensible to have a player like Pepe in the dressing room.

Even though Pepe was punished with a yellow card immediately after the incident, it is thought that the card was not directly linked to the incident and to a previous foul.

Real Madrid manager José Mourinho has acknowledged that the club will be taking serious action on Pepe if he is found guilty of a deliberate stamp.

Lionel Messi did not manage to score against Real Madrid this time around, but he created the assist for the winner from Eric Abidal in the final few minutes of the match. This was the ninth match against Real Madrid in which Lionel Messi has either scored or assisted a goal. According to the latest football bets online, Barca are now favourites to go through to the Semi Finals.

“I do not have a team-mate like Pepe in Barca’s dressing room. But everyone saw it, everyone. I do not hope to have a team-mate who acts like Pepe does. The referee may or may not have seen it, but there are people whose job it is to handle these cases. There is TV footage. If they do their job well, we will see what they decide,” Pique said during a press conference.

Pepe has now received yellow cards in most of the matches between Barcelona and Real Madrid. In his time at Real Madrid, José Mourinho has managed to beat Barcelona only on one occasion.