Gerard Pique

Barcelona and Spain Colossus

Gerard Pique has become the target of his own supporters

Spain defender Gerard Pique has become the target of his own supporters due to the rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The two clubs provide a significant portion of the players to the Spanish national team. This has led to talk of a rift between players of the two camps. It has not been the case, as Spain have been united in their domination of world football over the last 10 years.Pique has had criticisms over poor form in the 2014-15 campaign, but he recovered sufficiently to help Barcelona win the treble. During the victory celebrations, however,Pique was seen targeting Cristiano Ronaldo for his failure to win any title.

This has been picked upon by Madrid supporters, who have been whistling and jeering him throughout training. The criticism has continued even during the friendly match against Costa Rica. It is highly anticipated that the criticism will not subside even during the upcoming Euro 2016 qualifying game against Belarus.Pique, though, is least bothered about these comments, as he is over the moon after having won three major trophies with his club. Last season was a major disappointment, but it has recently been swept under the glory of this campaign.

The 28-year-old featured in 38 appearances during the campaign and scored a whopping seven goals in the process.“The thing is that I have just come from winning the treble. I’m very, very happy. Smile from ear to ear. And that is the perfect reply to the shouts – a smile.Don’t think that the shouts affect me. It is part of my job. I don’t think it’s unjust. The people are welcome to protest, it’s their right to do it,” said Pique. National team boss Vicente del Bosque was not want to praise the practice of criticism from own fans.