Gerard Pique

Barcelona and Spain Colossus


Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has said that one of the reasons for the enormous success of the club team Barcelona has been the way the attack and the way they defend. Gerard Pique is regarded as one of the best defenders in the world at 25 years of age.

Even though he is regarded as a defender, he can still be an able footballer. The Spaniard thinks that it is one of the reasons for Barcelona to be hugely successful over the last four seasons. Almost every defender who plays for Barcelona is capable of playing with the ball and playing football on their own.

The former Barcelona manager Guardiola has brought in a system that relies largely upon the ball playing abilities of the defenders. This means that Barcelona build their attack from the back. This has been very difficult for opposition to get the ball, which in turn gives the entire possession to Barcelona. This has been hugely successful for the club in the last four seasons, and Gerard Pique has said that he is certainly not surprised. Gerard Pique joined from the Premier league club Manchester United for just £ 4 million after having left earlier to join the English club as a youth player.

“First, you have to be fast. Barça’s style relies heavily on attacking, this means that defenders have to respond to situations quickly. Furthermore, it’s important to have confidence in yourself when you control the ball, you have to analyse the situation on the pitch and attack. The players coming up should feel happy that they are joining a group of players that were once in the same situation that they are in now,” said Gerard Pique in a recent interview. The 25-year-old defender recently won his Euro 2012 title after initially not being part of the Spanish team in 2008.