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Walcott Remains Unhappy About Sanchez Signing

Almost everybody associated with Arsenal is ecstatic with the fact that finally the superstar Alexis Sanchez has been signed, but, there is one man who would not be overly happy and that, of course, is Theo Walcott.

It’s not that Walcott has any sort of personal dispute with Sanchez. Actually, the thing is that the England international plays at the same position as Sanchez. Both of them prefer playing at the right wing the most.

Walcott’s a very good player himself, but, it’s clear that he is not as good as Sanchez. The Chilean is one of the very best going around at the moment, if not the best, as far as playing at the right wing is concerned. He had influenced as many as 36 goals for his former club Barcelona FC in the Spanish top tier last season and that was ‘Some’ performance.

So, if Arsene Wenger has to select one out of Walcott and Sanchez to play at the right wing, everybody knows whom he would go for. It’s a no brainer that he would play his new signing there.

That means Walcott would have to be played as the main striker and he is not that comfortable playing in that role. He has been used in that role in the past and his performances have been nothing more than ordinary.

Sanchez has come to Arsenal having proven himself at a big stage already. He has had the experience of playing in a top league and adapting himself to the English conditions should not be a big problem for him. He can surely do wonderful things for the Gunners in the upcoming season, but, what would the Arsenal management do with Walcott? Where would they play him? That’s a big question too.