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Barcelona and Spain Colossus

Visting the Camp Nou

Which football fan wouldn’t want to visit the Nou Camp; a world heritage football stadium steeped in history and atmosphere. Barcelona tickets are in high demand but it is possible to purchase them, you can do this online through sites such as Spain ticket Bureau.

The sheer scale of the home of Barcelona FC is the first thing that’ll strike you. Seating just under a hundred thousand people, it’s a rare chance to be part of a mass partisan crowd. If you choose to purchase Barcelona tickets, the spine tingling atmosphere will absorb you and stay with you forever.

On one of the towering stands is written the slogan “Mes Que Un Club”, which means“More Than a Club”. Anybody who delves into Barcelona’s social and football history will undoubtedly find this to be true.

Catalan culture demands recognition and a form of independence. The Nou Camp is the arena where this claim is expressed. You only have to look at Barcelona’s artwork to realise that there is something unique about the city. From Gaudi’s architecture to Picasso’s museum, the spirit of individuality and expression runs riot. Barcelona was a hub of political ideology during the Spanish Civil War and many Catalans still see themselves as directly opposed to Madrid.
The Nou Camp embodies all of these ideas and Barcelona FC is the vehicle by which the city imposes itself. Barcelona tickets therefore let you see the best team in the world, and, give you a cultural insight into Catalan life. The Nou Camp is as much a theatre, as a museum, as a gigantic football ground.

No trip to Barcelona seems complete without a trip to the Nou Camp, so make Barcelona tickets a priority if you are planning a vacation.

Barcelona FC are commonly regarded as the current best team in the world, and so Barcelona tickets could provide you access to some of the best sportsmen alive. Messi, Villa and Iniesta have set the sporting world alight with their mesmerising short passing game which is even more impressive in reality.