Gerard Pique

Barcelona and Spain Colossus

Gerard Pique points out the difference

Barcelona might have registered one of their worst European Cup performances recently, but, Gerard Pique is still not shying away from throwing barbs at Real Madrid.

Yesterday, he did that again on social media.

In one of his tweets, the playmaker wrote that a few people are not being able to digest the fact that Barcelona supporters clap for their players even when they lose and get eliminated from Europe and that’s because those people never get that type of reaction from their own supporters. They keep getting booed by their supporters in spite of making it to final four of Europe.

The tweet was in the Spanish language, but, that’s what it exactly meant when it was converted to English and there are no prizes for guessing which ‘people’ Pique was talking about in the tweet. It’s definitely the Madrid players who were the subject of his ridicule because some of them were on the target of their supporters during the home leg of their European Cup quarter final tie in which they were facing Bayern Munich and which they won eventually.

And it was not the first occasion that it happened at Madrid. It’s a regular there. Whenever the home team fails to meet the expectations, there are boos hurled by the supporters and that is pretty unlike Barcelona where the supporters don’t generally behave like that.

However, if Los Blancos supporters can boo their own team, they for sure can do that to the opposition too and one of the opposition players whom they would be desperately waiting for is Pique because he has had a lot to say of late and when he steps on to the Bernabeu pitch this Sunday, he would definitely not be getting to hear any soft words from the stands.